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Architectural Drawings - Design Management - Permit Acquisition

Our customers should be very decided on the type and size of house they wish to build. Most of our customers come to us with a very specific sketch or partial drawing that they have found in a magazine or online for example. We will take it from there to produce the necessary house plan drawings.

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Architectural Drawings

All our house plans are ready for permit and construction and include:

* Fully dimensioned floor plans and foundation plan with structural specifications

* Four exterior 2D elevation views

* At least one full building section

* At least one typical wall section

* At least two 3D exterior overviews

* Typical construction specifications

* Site zoning plan

* Building permit application Schedule 1 with BCIN # and designer declaration

* Energy efficiency design summary form

All plans are drawn to conform to the latest Ontario Building Code and current conventional                  construction practices.         Drawing sizes:  24x36" or 11x17"  at typical architectural scales                       (eg. 1/4" = 1', 3/16" = 1')

Pricing: Custom plans start at $ 1.20 per square foot of liveable space. We don't charge for the garage or basement...but we do draw it. Please contact us for a detailed quote for your particular project.

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Design Management

Upon request we will coordinate the services of other professionals such as engineers for structural review and approval and septic system design and grading/drainage plans. A 15% administration fee is added to their invoices and will be charged to our customers.

Permit Acquisition: We will, if requested, gather all necessary documents and apply for the building permit on behalf of the homeowner and respond to requests for further information from the municipality. The homeowner is responsible for all fees levied by the municipality as well as our fee for this service.